Writer. Bicultural Latinx. Teacher. Maker. Hooligan.



Who is this Kim Baker, anyway?

Match Side A to Side B for possible insight.


Side A

1. How long has Kim wanted to be a writer?


2. 10% of the population are _____, including Kim.


3. Is Kim a graceful dancer?


4. What is the last random number Kim thought about?


5. Kim gets a lot of stitches. What has 108 double stitches?


6. What is something wonderful AND crunchy?


7. When will Kim’s next book be out?


8. What kinds of things scare Kim Baker?


9. What types of non-humans live in

her house?


10. Has Kim Baker ever actually tried

a pickled egg, and does she like them?

Side B

a. Of course!


b. Left-handed


c. Baseball.


d. Dogs, cats, fish. Hopefully that's it.


e. A taco!


f. No.


g. Big things with teeth. Injustice. 


h. 912.


i. Her whole life.


j. next April!