Writer. Bicultural Latinx. Teacher. Maker. Hooligan.



I live in a creaky old house in Seattle with one husband, a couple of kids, and an abundance of animals. Really. They just keep arriving with suitcases.

When I'm not home, I might be at the library. Or hiking in the woods. Sometimes I go kayaking if I can stop myself from thinking about sharks. 

Before moving to Seattle, I lived in 6 states and 3 countries. I’ve lived above a Spanish movie theatre, in a very old hotel next to some castle ruins, and in a desert where I checked my shoes for scorpions every day.*

I’ve worked as a teacher, a children’s crisis counselor, a waitress, and a mail sorter. There are a few other jobs that are blocked out/top secret.

I was born in Wyoming, but grew up all over the western United States. My mom is Mexican-American and my dad is White, so I'm a mix.


I spent a lot of time in the principal’s office in school.

A lot.***

I like to read, make things with my hands, cook, watch baseball, and goof off. **

* I found scorpions in there a few times. I'm afraid of scorpions. And sharks. And runny eggs. 

** If you didn't find your answer, email me a question here.

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